ENDROAD, Studio de Développement situé(e) à Nantes (44)

Endroad is a studio created in 2017, and we are currently working on Fallback – an epic rogue like adventure. Our team members have worked on games such as The Division, Endless Space 2, Steep and many more. We aim at creating games that will send the players to worlds they have never explored before, visually of course, but also and in terms of story and gameplay. In that regard, our inspiration can be traced back to movies such as Metropolis (1927), the works of Dino Buzzati, and more recently the games of Playback: Limbo and Inside. As a result, our latest project FALLBACK is a tale about humanity restored after a cataclysmic ecological disaster. Having mastered technology allowing them to thrive again, the people now living underground face new challenges from the outside with vicious creatures threatening their lifestyle. But also, and more importantly, from the inside. To what extent can technology really save their humanity? What are the choices and sacrifices one is willing to make to keep his or her lifestyle? Those questions form the background of an adventure where the player will explore a procedurally generated dungeon trying to survive long enough to bring back the energy required to further his or her exploration. What initially appears to be a simple quest for energy becomes less clear as the identity of the “volunteers” exploring the world is questioned, forcing you – the player – to make choices that you might not have thought of before.

Localisation :Nantes (44) Effectif : 5 Site web : http://endroad.fr/